Catalyst Catch-Up: Social Media Storytelling

In this humorous hour-long panel at the Catalyst Content Festival, “influencers” Walter Masterson and Maximillian Clark talked to the crowd about their path to great social media storytelling. 

Duluth: The Richest City in the U.S.

“The year was 1910, and Duluth was riding an economic high with mining, logging and shipping all on the rise. The city at the western tip of Lake Superior was nearing 100,000 people and boasted the most millionaires per capita of any burg in the United States.” – Lake Superior Magazine 

What Immersive Van Gogh Can Teach Us About Modern Marketing

Recently, I had the great pleasure of attending the Immersive Van Gogh exhibit in Minneapolis. Peeks of the project had crossed my social path on several occasions across platforms such as Instagram and TikTok. I’ve always enjoyed wandering through art galleries but this was art on a different level. A cross section of classic and […]

The Power of Core Mindsets and Why We Pivoted Away from Brand Values

Usually, when you’re branding a business or organization, you establish values. These are handpicked words that summarize the brand. You’ll often see them pasted on a wall or mentioned in proposals. When picked and used correctly, they are powerful. Too often, they merely become words on a wall and contribute little to your brand or […]

Mining Your Mindset: Giving Meaning to Your Brand Values

Values are vital, but sometimes they may feel meaningless. That’s okay. For some brands, a group of words isn’t the answer. You may need to pivot your thinking a bit. Like so many things, one size does not fit all. Or, some branding tactics don’t fit all. Instead of leaning on values to guide your […]

The Value of a Lasting Logo

One of our aims as a company is to work with more startups. We’re a small business ourselves. We embrace the entrepreneurial spirit. But when we sit down and talk about potential projects with entrepreneurs, they might stumble on the branding budget. Amidst all the checkboxes and budgets that go into starting a business, marketing […]

4 Ways We Make Your Marketing Job Fun and Fulfilling

When you enjoy something, you give it your all. Just think of your favorite activity. Maybe it’s hiking. When you’re on the trail, you’re not worried. You’re immersed in the experience, enjoying the activity and the day. Because of the hike, everything around you gets better. You become more focused. You’re invested and energized in […]