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Brand Development

Proper brand development matters. 

When your marketing is backed up by a strong brand, growth happens. It makes it easy for your audience to understand who you are and what you stand for.

We are experts at creating new brands or refreshing old ones. We’ve helped businesses across a spectrum of industries improve their branding and their profits. 

Want to learn more about branding? Check out our in-depth guide below. 

Building Proper Branding
Branding isn’t just one thing; it’s a combination of elements. It’s bigger than just a logo or a color palette. You need an expert eye and the ability to tell your brand story across language, design, and marketing. We understand how to build a brand from first sketches to campaign storytelling.

Your logo is the symbol that represents your brand. It is supported by a range of branding elements, but it carries much of the load. Therefore, you want a strong, simple logo. Simple doesn’t have to mean boring. With the right designer, your logo can tell a complex story. Our branding specialists understand how to create a long-lasting logo.

Brand Identity
There’s more to a brand than just a logo. It takes a mix of things to build a great brand. The base parts of a branding identity are:

  • Logo
    The main symbol that represents your brand.
  • Colors
    A set palette that is always used on internal and external marketing, signage, and messaging.
  • Font
    A family of fonts that should be used on all materials. No Comic Sans allowed.
  • Imagery
    Shapes, icons, and patterns that build out the brand.
  • Photography Style
    A select visual style that matches the brand aesthetic.
  • Tone & Voice
    What type of voice does your brand have? Warm? Funny? Your voice and tone will drive your messaging.


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