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West Virginia University Athletics

A marketing and branding slam dunk.
Cue Country Roads.

This isn’t a story about marketing. It’s a story about continuing a legacy.
The WVU Mountaineers win. The crowd roars.
Per tradition, the John Denver classic explodes from the speakers.
There’s an energy here, a colossal pride that sweeps through you.

The Division I school recruited us to boost it even more. We were 100% game.

wvu moutaineer football cards

West Virginia University is a well-loved staple of the community that’s been around since 1867. But its athletic program? It’s the stuff of legends.

Seriously. With 18 collegiate sports, Big 12 Conference status, and a Hall of Famer coaching their men’s basketball team, it’s a brand all to itself. It has an entire website solely dedicated to WVU sports. Our challenge was coming into this well-established and much-loved brand and continuing the legacy.

wvu mountaineer football pole banners

First, we studied up. We dove into WVU Athletic’s mission.

To provide the means to empower student-athletes to develop as leaders and achieve their full potential academically, athletically, and personally.

The department encapsulated this in the term Mountaineer P.R.I.D.E.

P – People
R – Respect
I – Integrity
D – Dedication
E – Excellence

After doing our thorough research and understanding the brand, we felt it. We felt the WVU pride. Now, we had to translate that into design and production.

wvu basketball coliseum seating chart

Design & Production

Across posters to logos, collateral to banners, posters to schedule cards, we celebrated WVU’s storied history and its limitless future. Always staying true to its detailed brand identity. The work filled us with pride and every piece overflowed with WVU pride.

wvu mountaineer basketball tickets

All in all, the project continues to be a favorite. We’re avid sports fans, so mixing our two favorite passions, design and sports, was a win in our books. While we’ll always cheer on our hometown first, we’ll always give a rah for West Virginia. #letsgo #HailWVU

wvu mountaineer 125th logo
wvu mountaineer logo baseball
wvu mountaineer baseball brochure
wvu mountaineer gymnastics poster
wvu mountaineers hall of fame banners
wvu mountaineers basketball cups
wvu mountaineers football cups


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