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City of Edina, Minnesota

Putting the extra in extranet.

City officials. Police. Public works. Every city has multiple departments keeping it safe and running well for its citizens. That includes beautiful Edina in Minnesota. To keep all the facets of the city working, they needed one place where they could all connect. Looks like a job for a website, but wait, they needed a little extra. 

Say hello to the Extranet.

city of edina extranet


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Award Winning

Minnesota Association of Government Communicators
2020 Northern Lights Merit Award

Press Release

Something Extra

An extranet is an internal website layer that contains access and communication portals for different departments. It’s useful for companies or organizations that need to relay information to only certain groups of people.

Before any coding began, we laid out the sitemap. It had to be airtight. We tracked the paths users would take and removed any unnecessary steps. By working closely with Edina, we were able to provide the best user journey for every department.

The extranet provided security and accessibility. Users could access private information through a secure portal, and team members could easily edit content through the content management system.

This project was complex, but our web developers and designers navigated every challenge with precision and problem-solving finesse. The result was a lean, mean extranet machine that worked on WordPress. That’s impressive stuff!

city of edina extranet northern lights award
city of edina extranet
“I could not ask for a better partner in the continued development of our employee extranet, Edinet, than Creative Arcade. The staff at Creative Arcade knows just what we want and need to reach our employees in unique and meaningful ways online. With expertise in website development and a commitment to staying on the cutting edge, the development team is often able to start working on custom features for the site the minute I’ve finished explaining what I’m trying to accomplish. They are responsive, creative and take pride in all they do!”
Jennifer Bennerotte
Communications Director, City of Edina, Minnesota


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