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Our People

Meet the team that make up our creative powerhouse.

What makes our team different.
Their unbridled curiosity that keeps their minds moving and our work fresh.

Phil Davidson
Partner/Creative Director

Phil is an accomplished Creative Director, with a lengthy graphic design and marketing career. He believes that every client deserves a personalized approach. This attitude inspired him to co-create Creative Arcade. Throughout his career, his goal has always remained the same: make marketing, and its process, the bright spot of a client’s day.

Talyn Riedesel
Copywriter/Content Writer

Not only does Talyn have the writing chops suited for agency life, she’s also got the creativity. Talyn infuses strategic thinking into everything she writes, including video, blog posts, and branding documents. Her goal is to help clients find their voice and accomplish their goals.

Jeff Ruprecht
Partner/Interactive Director

Jeff is a wunderkind. He started as a professional print designer but has shifted his focus to online marketing. Over the years, he’s made himself indispensable to clients from government to retail. His specialties these days are web design, social media strategy, and digital placement. He’s a tireless creative, always toiling away at some creative endeavor—like our handmade wooden desks.

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