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Fairview Range Medical Center

Awareness. Just what the doctor ordered.

Fairview Range Medical Center had a problem. Their patients were driving two hours away to have important surgeries. They were happy their patients were getting the help they needed, but they didn’t need to go that far. In many cases, Fairview could do the exact same operation, so much closer.

Fairview Range needed to flip this perception and make their surgical repertoire known.

We were on it.


Increased Volume

By 400 surgeries


Fairview Surgery Campaign
Case Study

Right Here. In Hibbing.

First things first. We needed a rallying cry. It needed to convey that you could get the care you needed, right here in Hibbing. Eureka!

“Right here. In Hibbing.”

We added an array of Fairview specialties and plopped the above line after it. “Orthopedic surgery. Right here. In Hibbing.

The message was straightforward and instantly made their audience aware of unknown specialties.


To further the message, we gathered testimonials from doctors and patients. The physicians spoke about the types and number of surgeries they offered. Patients told their reasons for choosing Fairview Range for their surgery. Together, these videos spread awareness and stayed true to the personality of the Iron Range.

Print & Social & Landing Page

We used print and digital ads to move people to a special landing page. It gave a more in-depth glance at Fairview’s surgery offerings. It also directed people to sign up for more information. On-brand, simple, and informative, it was exactly what Fairview Range was looking for.

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