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Regal Springs Tilapia Seafood Marketing

Branding that's no fish story.

Seafood marketing can be a balancing act. Take Regal Springs Tilapia. We needed to get across that this seafood company sold the best tilapia that was also eco-friendly. We did so by highlighting the story behind this stellar brand. The company prioritized the ecosystem and building a sustainable fishing model. We gave them branding and marketing material that made this crystal clear — and reeled in some new customers.

regal springs direct mail

Branding & Marketing Materials

First, we gave the logo a refresh. We cleaned it up and made it a better fit for different marketing pieces. Then, we created these new materials. From tradeshow booths to booklets to brochures, we gave Regal Springs strong branding work to grow their brand.

regal springs collateral brochures


We also built them a new website. It helped tell their story and made the user experience easier for customers and clients.

regal springs collateral

We worked with Regal Springs for over 5 years until they sold to another company in 2017. During that time, we worked with divisions in Europe, Asia, Central America, and North America.

regal springs magazine ads
regal springs magazine ad
superior shores brochures
regal springs direct mail
regal springs banners
ish skins packaging
ish skins packaging


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