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SUDS Beer Soap Brand Identity

We lather ourselves in a new brand.

Beer soap? Hold my shower beer.
And not just any beer, each sudsy wunderkind was made using the tastiest, craftiest of beers.
Meet Suds Beer Soap. The little soap bar that thrust us into the startup world.

The year was 2015.

A Minneapolis craftswoman envisioned creating a homemade soap line using beer. Well, that perked our ears. The product was delightful, but it needed branding to fit.

We ended up partnered with this soap craftswoman. Her small startup based out of Minneapolis had a great product. It just needed branding and packaging to match.

Branding & Packaging

We went to work. First, we started concepting a new logo and brand identity. Fresh and fun, the resulting look felt squeaky clean and playful. Rubadubdub, time to hop into the tub!

When it came to packaging, we made it as simple and eco-friendly as possible. The soap was the selling point so we put the soap on full display. With fun flavors and language, Suds Beer Soap left its mark while cleaning up.

E-commerce Website

Using Shopify, we developed an easy-to-buy website. Imagery drove the consumers from soap to checkout. Tidy and neat, just like that post-shower feel.

shopify logo
suds beer soap websites
suds beer soap business cards
suds beer soap staionery
suds beer soap product
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