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McKenzie Maps Brand Identity

Pointing new owners in the right direction.

When your company changes hands, it can be the perfect time for a new brand identity. Take McKenzie Maps, for instance. The map-making company had changed owners. As the map-makers charted a new course into the future, they leaned on us to refresh their logo and provide a brand-new website.

We led the way.


First, we simplified the logo. A party of colors became one — a warm orange. We tidied up the symbol and implemented a classic and cleaner font.


Then, we concentrated on the website. Our aim was not just to simplify the site but McKenzie Map’s whole process. The site needed to work with Shopify and generate automated responses to clients. It promoted the outdoorsy brand and contained an inventory system. It ended up checking all the boxes.

The new site makes the whole buying process easier for the customers and the owners. Win-win.


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