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Duluth Crate Co.

Drawing from inspiration.

Duluth Crate Co. illustrations started as a passion project and turned into a profitable one. 

Prints and postcards inspired by fruit crates? Sounds crazy, right? Not at all.

We love finding beauty in underrated things…like fruit crates. Really, the crates of yore were pieces of art. This illustration style caught the attention of Jeff, our designer and digital specialist. Inspired, he started drawing up Duluth landmarks in a similar fashion and plunking them onto postcards and mugs.

Say hello to Duluth Crate Co.

duluth crate co jay cooke swing bridge

Made with Love

People loved the bold typography and vintage vibes. So, the collection expanded to include national parks and famous spots.

This time, the press paid us a call.

duluth crate co custer monticello arches cape may

These days, Jeff dabbles in this “Power of Play” project, always keeping his eye out for another great landmark. If there’s a place you love, give him a shout.

You can purchase the vintage-inspired wares at

duluth crate co chester creek graphic
duluth crate co blue ox mug
duluth crate co split rock mug
duluth crate co alamo mug


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