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Superior Shores Resort Marketing

A refreshed identity that’s a shore thing.

When you aren’t the only lodge on the big lake, your resort marketing needs to stand out. So when Superior Shores Resort came to us for marketing help, we did a deep dive. Through research and interviews, we found that Superior Shores isn’t just a resort. It’s a hub for the North Shore. A place where you can find condos, cabins, conference rooms, wedding halls, and even a restaurant. Our mission was to reflect all of this by building one cohesive brand.

superior shores photos

Brand Refresh

First, we examined the existing brand before we started working on the resort marketing. We revamped the logo and created a whole identity system. This gave everything, from the condos to the restaurant, a single look and feel that connected everything. We also updated signage around the resort to reflect the new brand.

superior shores logo refresh
superior shores logo system

Billboards & Brochures

Then, we created resort marketing materials. Everything felt as refreshing as a dip in Lake Superior. A new generation was set to discover their new North Shore favorite.

superior shores brochure
superior shores folder
superior shores map
superior shores brochures
superior shores kamloops photo
superior shores direct mail
superior shores outdoor board
superior shores kamloops magnets
superior shores kamloops photo


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