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Fairview Range Provider Campaign

Focusing a light on providers.

With the Right Here campaign’s success, it was time to spread the care close to home message beyond surgery. This time, the focus was on Fairview’s talented providers. The healthcare system boasts a large team of top-of-the-line professionals. Our task was to remind people that they were here, right in their region.

We continued the language of “Right here. In Hibbing.” but this time, we highlighted the array of services and specialties Fairview Range offers. From rehab to physical therapy, from preventive care to hospice, the campaign covered a lot.

We sat down with different doctors and nurses and filmed. The resulting footage became videos about Fairview’s providers and their disciplines. We cut a few down to fifteen-second bumpers for TV and YouTube. These were paired with matching billboards, digital, and print ads.

All in all, the campaign continued the “Right Here” message and expanded knowledge of Fairview’s offerings.

fairview range provider ads
fairview range provider outdoor
fairview range provider ad
fairview range provider ad


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