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Fairview Range Physician Recruitment Campaign

Pushing the envelope beyond direct mail.

Fairview Range needed to recruit physicians. So they came to us looking for a direct mail campaign. We made them take a step back. Would that really capture the leads they were looking for? To accomplish their goals, we advised they also add a digital lead generation portion. They agreed and we went to work.

Spoiler: We accomplished their goal. 


262 k



click throughs


4 hard to fill positions


Our first discovery? It is difficult to recruit healthcare talents from a different region. Especially one in northern Minnesota. It’s gorgeous, but often falls under the radar.

We needed to highlight that physicians could practice top-of-the-line medicine and live somewhere close to nature. The Iron Range fit the bill.

fairview range recruitment digital

Facebook and Digital Ads

Using lifestyle photography and direct language, we invited physicians to consider Fairview Range and the Iron Range. These ads led to a landing page that incentivized signups by offering a Starbucks gift card.

fairview range physician recruitment digital

Facebook and Digital Ads

Taking our insights, we turned out a video series showcasing that you could practice breakthrough medicine while having access to breathtaking outdoors.

fairview range physician recruitment digital
fairview range physician recruitment digital


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