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Fairview Range COVID-19 Response Campaign

Case Study: Utilizing HubSpot to handle a crisis.

Originally, the 2020 Fairview Range campaign was supposed to focus on primary care. Then the COVID-19 pandemic hit. Thankfully, with HubSpot already implemented and a nimble attitude, we shifted our 2020 content plan. The new version, with a focus on updates and information, cemented Fairview Range as a trustworthy healthcare voice on the Iron Range amidst misinformation and fear. 


7k +

organic views on YouTube


shares on Facebook


email open rate

Pause & Pivot

In the fall of 2019, we produced the “Primary Care. It Starts Here.” campaign. Its purpose was to promote primary care across the region. Our content calendar was filled with interviews with primary care providers, how to schedule appointments, and the importance of primary care.

Then March 2020 happened. The hospital shut down all non-essential in-person appointments. Elective surgeries halted. Life froze. As the U.S. paused, we pivoted.

We knew people were thirsting for information from a trusted source. So Fairview Range provided it.

New TV Ads

First, we took a 2-person production team and interviewed Dr. Pete Olsen, Vice President of Medical Affairs at Fairview. We also captured footage of other local leaders and created new video ads. Their message was uplifting and informative, and it was all about rallying the Iron Range’s community spirit.

Online Videos

From the interview footage, we created half a dozen videos. Each one covered a different topic related to COVID-19 and Fairview Range’s response. People quickly shared this information across their Facebook profiles.

4.5k + people reached

140+ Facebook shares

Blog Content

The wonderful Iron Range community wanted to help in any way they could. So, we created a Donation FAQ article and a landing page as a response. The generosity was astounding.

Mask donations continue to roll in, even months later.

Along with the donation blog, we kept rolling out articles related to staying healthy and COVID. Topics included the virtual visits info, dealing with stress, and in-person visit updates.

Uplifting Stories

Our favorite content to share has to be all the positive stories. The Iron Range’s generosity was on full display. Every post celebrating Fairview’s wonderful staff and the community’s support received lots of love.

National Recognition

In late April, Fairview Range’s Dr. Olsen was featured on NBC’s Today Show. After being apart from his family for a month to help with COVID-19 efforts at Fairview, he got to go home. His kids didn’t know he was coming. The resulting video is pure joy and such a testament to how much the staff at Fairview sacrifices for the good of the community. We’re not crying; you’re crying.

We added a Fairview Instagram

Over the last 6 months it has grown to 101 followers organically. For a healthcare account with little interaction this is great.

Facebook followers jumped substantially in March 2020 and continue to grow.

HubSpot Helps

While our nimble team was one part of the success of this pivot, HubSpot also played a big role. We had implemented the marketing software 2 years prior and had already witnessed its benefits firsthand. But in 2020, its true power became crystal clear. Having the software connected to the social media platforms and blog made it simple to connect with our audience and follow leads. We were able to build a landing page quickly and easily when needed. We were able to work alongside Fairview’s marketing manager to keep people updated and engaged. It simplified everything when nothing seemed simple.

HubSpot analytics helped us see what was working and what needed improvement. It improved our responsiveness and showed us what connected with the Fairview audience. During a time when our team couldn’t be in the same room, it made working on a surprise campaign perfectly manageable.

This help was especially visible when it came to email. HubSpot has the option to automatically group your latest blog posts and shoot out an email newsletter to subscribers. This feature saw a dramatic uptick in leads.


It’s safe to say the Fairview Range 2020 campaign did not go in the direction we imagined. Despite this, our team was able to pivot effectively. This was due to our team and the inbound practices in place. Thanks to HubSpot, we were able to easily change course. From blog posts to landing pages, from national news features to email newsletters, HubSpot made distributing and creating content simple.

Besides making content management easier, it also helps drive future work. Using HubSpot’s in-depth analytics feature, we are able to examine what worked, what didn’t, and what holds potential for growth. This plays a big part as we evolve Fairview’s story for the next campaign.

In conclusion, HubSpot is a lifesaver for a brand saving lives.


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