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City of Hermantown, MN

A website to match its economic growth.

The City of Hermantown’s website had served the Northern Minnesota community for almost a decade. It was time for a change. Our web development team pulled up and built them a modern-day site that checked all the boxes.

The way people accessed websites had changed. The new site needed to be responsive and work for anyone, anywhere. Check, that’s done.

One of the goals for the new site was content management. Hermantown wanted their staff to be able to easily change and add events in their community calendar. Lots of their content included agendas and minutes that needed to be recorded and stored. The site checked off these boxes, too.

One of the most important requests was an alert system. This allowed the Hermantown team to add a color-coded bar to the top of their website when needed. If an emergency struck, they could easily add a red bar with the latest updates. If there was road construction, an orange bar could be used to inform people on when and where. The system helped keep the community in the know at all times.

Overall, the new site cleaned up the structure and content. It made life easier for Hermantown staff and the people they serve. Hermantown is an up-and-coming city, and this site equips them to grow.


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