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Wilderness Health

Improving communication between rural hospitals.

Wilderness Health is a group of rural healthcare clinics and hospitals that team up to provide better care for all. This allows for information sharing and better communication. To fully realize their goals, the group needed a more layered 
website to connect them all. We recommended an extranet.

An extranet is an internal, role-based task center of a website. This allows certain people to have access behind the scenes. A portal for information that doesn’t need to be public and may be sensitive for internal staff and stakeholders.

We took their existing WordPress site and added this extranet. This allowed for better communication across all teams and covered a region of rural hospitals and clinics in a secure way.

The clinics and hospitals could now easily share documents and important information across networks. Leadership held forums so team members could discuss emerging matters. This built a stronger communication and stronger healthcare systems within the community.

The site had been an asset during the COVID-19 pandemic. It’s given a  group of independent rural clinics a way to communicate securely and quickly during a challenging health crisis. A well-planned website can not only save energy and time, but save lives.


Intranets. Extranets. Improved communication.

Use online opportunities to improve internal operations.