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Fairview Range

Reacting to changes and showing the community Fairview was there for them no matter what.

After COVID-19 hit, Fairview Range needed to change campaign directions. Together, we brainstormed a simple concept that could weather the ups and downs of the pandemic. “We’re Here” both allowed the healthcare system to react to changes and show the community that Fairview was there for them, no matter what.



views of Anthem in its first month on YouTube.


impressions on Pandora.

The We’re Here campaign was built to be flexible. Due to the ever-changing news regarding COVID-19 and healthcare regulations, we only wrote one reals script and two mock scripts. The rest would come to fruition after interviewing several providers at Fairview Range. The goal was to speak to them about what “We’re Here” means and cover common questions they were facing during COVID. This way we could convey the most updated information to the public.

We filmed and photographed the providers and shot details such as the rigorous cleaning procedures. Once we got back to the office, we put together the We’re Here campaign. It consisted of 3 videos, radio ads, print, and inbound marketing.


The first video was a sweeping anthem. It showcased the splendor of the area and Fairview’s commitment to the region. it reminded people of the strong spirit and amazing staff in the healthcare system. Only a month in, it hit almost 5,000 views on YouTube.

For the other two videos, we sat down with two providers and interviewed them. From these conversations, we discovered important insights. We edited this footage into 2 videos that ran on TV, YouTube, Facebook, and Pinterest. Both have been extremely popular and led to 305 landing page visits from the latter alone.


Using the anthem script and conversations with the doctors, we made 3 radio spots. These ran on pubic and digital streaming platforms, Spotify and Pandora. 


Using “We’re Here” language, we highlighted several different areas of the hospital, including surgery, environmental services, primary care, and cancer care. 


Over the course of the campaign, we kept creating content. From blog posts with the COVID-19 latest updates to articles in local publications featuring Fairview’s advanced medical technology, we spread the “We’re Here” message to more people.


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