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Memorial Medical Center Recruitment Campaign

Highlighting new doctors. Recruiting new patients.

Recruitment is a challenge for any business. For medical practices, it can be especially tough. Take, for instance, the Memorial Medical Center that serves the Ashland, Wisconsin area. They aim to deliver the best care possible to their community. They needed to recruit two highly sought-after surgeons to their team. 

We made it happen. 

Recruitment Videos

We created a video series introducing the doctors. They covered the reasons they chose Memorial and why they were happy to join the team. We juxtaposed this footage with shots of families enjoying life in the area. It stirred pride in the area and in the people it attracted. The videos also highlighted the doctors’ capabilities.

The work thrilled the client. The best part? The campaign inspired people a state away to head to Memorial for orthopedic surgery.

memorial medical center orthopedics bike
memorial medical center surgeons


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