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Fairview Range Primary Care Campaign

Primary Care. It starts here.

Primary care visits are a game changer for your health. A yearly visit can prevent bad health. Fairview Range wanted to encourage more of these visits through a marketing campaign. We went to work and produced some spots that showed off the health system and the region it serves. 

Fairview Range wants the best for its community. One of the best ways to build good health is to meet yearly with your primary care doctor. This was a driving force behind Fairview Range’s primary care campaign. Together, we created a campaign promoting the benefits and ease of having a primary care provider.

While planning for the campaign went smoothly, the weather had other ideas. On the day of shooting, we had to reschedule a whole day on the spot due to downpour conditions. Thankfully, we adapted to the situation and got some great footage and beautiful fall foliage. You can check out the behind-the-scenes photos in our blog post.

Here are the main components of the Fairview Range Primary Care campaign.


To provide the healthy life that can be had with having a primary care provider, we created 3 videos. Each one featured people enjoying everyday life and how easily Fairview fits in. From a hike in the backwoods of Hibbing to just trying to get out the door, the videos showcased around the Iron Range and the world-class care right in the region.

Inbound Marketing and Digital

A mix of blog posts and Facebook ads led people to a Primary Care landing page. During the initial months of the campaign, this page saw roughly 300 visits. 

Blog topics including:

What is Primary Care? Your Questions Answered
Primary Care, Urgent Care, ED: How Are They Different?
Triage: Guiding You to the Right Care

Print and Radio

In print, we pulled from the stories told in the videos. Each one showcased the good things in life you can enjoy when you’re healthy and your healthcare team is always accessible. We also wrote articles that went to local publications on primary care topics. On the radio front, we pulled voiceovers and featured them on local radio stations.

All in all, all of the initial parts of this campaign were considered a success, and the client was very pleased. Unfortunately, COVID-19 hit amidst the campaign efforts, and marketing and communication had to pivot. To learn more about this story, check out our Fairview Range COVID-19 campaign.


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