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Northland Newborn Foundation Yeti Tour Brand Identity

Anything but abominable work.

Yetis that raise money for babies??? Stay with us here. The Yeti Tour is an annual snowmobile race that raises funds for Northland Newborn Foundation. To live up to its name, it needed a legendary identity. We were selected to bring it to life.

Brand Identity and Logo

First, we focused on the feeling of the event. The Yeti Tour raises money for families dealing with little ones with unexpected health issues. While it was a serious topic, the event was all doing good and feeling joy. It’s a snowmobile race for goodness sake.

So we created an epic-feeling logo and marketing materials. From posters to raffle tickets to t-shirt designs, we spread the joy. Whatever Yeti needed to spread the word, we crafted. While we loved building this brand, we enjoyed seeing them succeed more.

Since it started only a few years ago, it has raised hundreds of thousands of dollars. All for the little ones who need it most and their families.


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