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Carlton County, Minnesota Wellness Campaign

Well-being is well within reach.

Carlton County in Minnesota came to us looking for a campaign to promote well-being during the COVID-19 pandemic. Besides the obvious challenges everyone was facing, they had the added struggle of needing to cover everything from mental health to food sovereignty. There wasn’t just one call to action; there were several. We needed to tie it all together under one memorable entity.

It was time for the Well Within Reach campaign.

After several brainstorming sessions, we landed on this clever use of the age-old phrase. In Carlton County, well was within reach — and so were so many other things. Like mental health resources. Or food equity. Or the great outdoors.

The Well Within Reach campaign opened the eyes of Carlton County residents to all the resources that were available to them. It also highlighted topics that the County needed to work on. It was a hopeful approach to some hard-to-discuss conversations.

carlton county well within reach logo
carlton county well within reach brand elements
carlton county well within reach gas pump sign
carlton county well within reach brochure
carlton county well within reach outdoor board


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