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Destination Fitness

Strengthening a fitness brand.

Destination means everything to Destination Fitness. Health is a destination, a place you’re continually trying to get to. Destination Fitness helps people head in a healthy direction — and they do it in a very unique way. Their gym comes to you. These personal trainers can meet you at your home and provide classes, or you can head to their studio. It’s a place all about removing barriers to fitness. Before they could deliver their brand to the world, they needed to build the brand itself. That’s where we came in.

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Bulking Up a Brand

We rallied around the word “Destination.” With it comes so many feelings: the strive to be your best self in your best place. The goals you set and the time and energy you put in to accomplish them. It was all about the destination.

We hit the treadmill running. After playing with many ideas, we grew attached to the idea of a flag on a map. It symbolized “destination” in such a simple way. Our designer crafted a clever mark that incorporated the name and the symbol. The entire identity felt strong and established.

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Member Campaign

After establishing the logo and look, we were ready for a new challenge. This time, we set out to increase membership. First, we redesigned their website. Then, we upped their social media game by sharing videos of workout classes. This combo of updates has given Destination Fitness an edge in a competitive marketplace.

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