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The Value of a Lasting Logo

One of our aims as a company is to work with more startups. We’re a small business ourselves. We embrace the entrepreneurial spirit. But when we sit down and talk about potential projects with entrepreneurs, they might stumble on the branding budget. Amidst all the checkboxes and budgets that go into starting a business, marketing and branding can be overlooked and undervalued. Don’t make that mistake! Investing in both from the beginning pays off in the long run. When considering your branding budget, you may need to add an extra zero, and here’s why.

Brands Built to Last
Your logo isn’t just an image. Your branding isn’t just elements. They create the foundation for your brand’s personality. It is the glue that sticks with people when they interact with your company. A logo that lacks thought, lacks depth. It’s shallow and will have a hard time carrying your business from startup to the next up and comer. If you’ve got the right idea, great branding will get it to the right people.

Business owners who value branding are the ones that last. Why? Because they think of their business in the long term. They’re visionary. They get that they’re building something they want to live beyond them. That means the thinking behind the brand is super important. It needs to have legs that will carry it forward for the foreseeable future. With proper branding, you understand the soul of your brand. This will help guide all your business decisions and help you connect with customers.

Done Right Takes Time
Getting to know and understand a brand takes time. It requires a strategist who can listen to your vision, notice the nuances, and pull out the key parts that pull everything together. They help you pinpoint your why, what, and how. With this etched out, you’re stronger than ever. Your business has a vision. This discussion, research, and strategizing takes time.

That time is what leads to the costs. If you want a brand to live for years to come, it needs to be built to last. That’s why a logo created by your friend may not do the trick. It looks nice, but it doesn’t truly capture your vision. With a professional strategy and experienced designers, you get truly unique pieces of art. The value only increases with time.




Professionals Understand How the Branding Will be Used
Another huge overlooked aspect of branding and logos is usage. Your logo and branding elements need to be used beyond just a storefront. They’ll grace your website and influence its design. It will live on packaging and marketing materials. Your voice and tone will pull together everything so that onlookers understand that this your specific brand, not just any other.

Designers understand all this. It plays a pivotal part in the design process. This knowledge gives you a logo that works on any surface it meets. It gives you a brand manual that goes into how to use, and even more importantly, how not to use your logo. This viewpoint is vital to making sure your business comes off as professional and trustworthy. It makes the difference between your business being short-lived and becoming a franchise.

Know Your Value
Few people know the true cost of great branding. Don’t beat yourself up for not knowing. Marketing education is our job. That’s why we’re always here to answer any of your marketing and website questions. No matter your budget, we’re happy to discuss and guide you in the right direction. Remember, great brands are born of great visions. Your vision is valuable. Investing in professional branding boosts its value.

Want to learn more? Download our Branding Guide and connect with us if you have any questions.