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The Power of Core Mindsets and Why We Pivoted Away from Brand Values

Usually, when you’re branding a business or organization, you establish values. These are handpicked words that summarize the brand. You’ll often see them pasted on a wall or mentioned in proposals. When picked and used correctly, they are powerful. Too often, they merely become words on a wall and contribute little to your brand or brand culture. This was the problem we came across during our recent rebrand. So we tried something new.

While sifting through all the possible adjectives, a thought hit us like a bus. Why? Why did we need to have values? Why couldn’t our ideals be conveyed a different way? We 100% appreciate the values of words, but for our purposes, picking certain a single term didn’t ring true to us. So we pivoted. Instead, we focused on the feeling behind our values. What do we rally around?

Stepping outside the expected changed everything. Suddenly, we were excited about our values again. By simply switching from a finite word to an infinite phase, we brought meaning flooding back. We call this new mentality Core Mindsets.

After much discussion and debate, these are the Core Mindsets we settled on.

Have Fun
If we’re not enjoying the creative process, we’re doing something wrong. If we’re doing our jobs correctly, we’re on target, on track, and the client is happy. Our partners are not exempt from the fun and should find working with us the highlight of their day. We get to create for a living. Embrace it!

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Be an Infinite Player
Our best work is always what’s happening right now. This keeps us digging, exploring, and pushing ourselves to do better. We consider the competition but don’t fret about them. We’re more concerned about solving the problem before us.


Work/Play Balance
When you’re able to take a step back from work and explore the other things that interest you, you’re energized. You then bring this energy back into your work. This turns into better productivity, better work, and a better overall quality of life.

Our team specializes in marketing and website development, but did you know that our founders also have several side projects they enjoy. Check out Duluth Crate Co. and PinPoint Love.

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Play It Forward
Whenever you can, give back to the people and places that surround you. How can you improve them?

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Don’t Be an Asshole
Pretty self-explanatory, we think.

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Your Turn
Are your values feeling tired or meaningless? It might be a good time to re-examine them and your whole brand. We can help. Check out our Mining Your Mindset. If you’re thinking bigger, dive into our Branding Breakdown.