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Duluth: The Richest City in the U.S.

“The year was 1910, and Duluth was riding an economic high with mining, logging and shipping all on the rise. The city at the western tip of Lake Superior was nearing 100,000 people and boasted the most millionaires per capita of any burg in the United States.”Lake Superior Magazine

This stat gets thrown out quite often at local events. We pride ourselves on the “glory days” of Duluth. But to be honest, that was over a century ago. Back then, we were getting rich off the removal of resources. It’s time to stop yearning for our past and appreciate the potential of the present.

Because from our perspective, Duluth is still the richest city in the U.S.

Just not in the traditional sense.

We’re rich in beauty.
No matter where you go in this town, you’ll find yourself a quick jaunt from a green getaway. Walking paths and biking trails abound. Head up the hill or down to the beach and you’ll be greeted with scenic lake views. Explore the sights and you’ll discover thimbleberries, cascading waterfalls, and glassy or galey waters, right in city limits. Plus, if you just scoot down the highway in any direction you’ll find yourself amongst even more stunning settings. South to Jay Cooke, north up the shore, west to lake country, and east to the Apostle Islands.

If you’re looking for a stunning setting, look no further. We’re rolling in it.

We’re rich in freshwater.
Lake Superior. Biggest freshwater lake in the world. Can’t miss it.

We’re rich in experiences.
There’s no place quite like Duluth when it comes to access to activities. Sure, you can find active lifestyles in other places but not with the short commute. Here, you can wake up and surf off Brighton Beach, catch a kayak down Lester, mountain bike along Hawk’s Ridge and only spend about 20 minutes driving. The Superior Hiking Trail winds its way through the city, offering jump on spots wherever is convenient.

Rather watch than participate? Pull up a chair and watch some of the country’s best hockey players, the world’s best curlers, and top-tier runners. Or just grab a brew and play some bocce for fun.

Speaking of brews, our beverage and food offerings continue to grow. You’ll find a myriad of great local brews, seltzers, cuisine, and food trucks on all sides of town.

As experiences become an increasingly important part of living a good life, Duluth will thrive.

We’re rich in creativity.
For a small city, we’re bustling with creatives. Storytellers. Videographers. Actors. Marketers. Strategists. Producers. Problem solvers. We’re home to countless communications and production companies that do everything from digital marketing to tv commercials to branding and design. Some employ 50, some only five. But all of them live and work along the shores of Lake Superior. It’s a bustling creative network that does work way beyond our city borders. The rise of storytelling is only increasing — and we’re ready to show what we can do.

We’re rich in incentives.
Our city and county and state see the positives of getting great storytellers up here. From the Catalyst Content Festival to the several different types of tax incentives for production projects, we have storytelling settings galore.

We’re rich in potential.
Still under the radar to most of the outside world, we’re greeting visitors and production projects with open arms. Bring us your ideas, your visions, and your creative quandaries. Check out our untapped wilderness and beautiful backgrounds. Reach out to our workforce and see how they can help. There’s an energy here and it’s ready to be tapped.

So whether you’re visiting, putting down roots, or looking for the perfect place for your next big project, Duluth is ready for you. It’s a place both serene and vibrant. Yes, our roads need a little love and we could use an extra Uber or two, but those problems are finite and fixable. The positives abound. Scenic vistas. Creative problem-solvers. Bright minds. If you’re looking for help, look no further.

Interested in marketing, branding, or website help from some Duluth creatives? Say hello!