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Marketing Is Storytelling with Strategy

Any storyteller worth their salt knows the Hero’s Journey. It’s one of the most classic story structures.

One of the essential stages of the journey is meeting the mentor. The person or thing that guides the hero forward, helping them achieve their goals.

Just like in a good story, a mentor is beneficial to propelling your story to the masses.

And in our world, marketers are the mentors. We’ll examine your intended destination or goal and help you navigate how to get there.

This can take a variety of journeys. If you’re promoting a film or show, you’ll need a mix of marketing mentorship. Designers and animators can take your vision and build a consistent look and feel for the film. This will play out beyond just the screen. It will create a cohesive brand when promoting your story. Marketing strategists and creative teams can concept ways to earn traction around your project.

If you’re promoting a business or service, a marketing mentor is a must. They can see your brand from a bird’s eye view and help guide you in the best direction. This will breathe new life into your marketing and communication and brand storytelling.

At the heart of it, marketing is just storytelling with strategy.

We’ve got goals and we’re using the power of a good story to reach them. No matter your industry or expertise, we can make your brand the hero people seek.

When you lean on a marketing strategist, your uphill battle becomes a lot more manageable and planned out. We’re experts at thinking through every step in the buyer’s journey and when and how to best reach them. Our minds see the power of a great story and we use that knowledge to share yours.

Storytelling is an art. So is marketing. Keep this in mind when you’re ready to propel your story or build a brand. Bring in the experts, and you’ll bring in the audiences.

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