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Catalyst Catch-Up: Rizzle – The Future Is Vertical

Forget horizontal. The future of video is vertical. 

That is reason behind the creation of the app Rizzle — and the thesis of Thom Woodley’s workshop at the Catalyst Content Festival. 


Vertical video shouldn’t be a shock. As we consume more and more content via our phones, everything must adjust. 

Especially if your target skews younger. They’ve grown up with phones. It’s their primary form of consumption. Vertical video is comfortable. 

That’s why Rizzle was created. To give people an app for entertainment that’s built for the vertical space. Similar to TikTok but also more versatile. On TikTok, you get pigeonholed into one form of content. One of your nature videos blows up, all of sudden you’re the nature guy. Forever.

On Rizzle, you can offer different channels and episodes. So you can provide shows to people. They can watch as little or as much as they want, but each episodes flows right into the next one. This is much more difficult on the other app. 


To us, it seems like an app ripe with possibility. We suggest downloading it. Our copywriter has been messing around with it already and with minimal effort and only posting four videos of nature shots, she’s acculuated 122 followers and 1.1k views. Obviously, she doesn’t have set goals or a target audience at the moment but it’s cool to see the potential there. Check it out! It might just be the perfect spot for your brand.