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Mining Your Mindset: Giving Meaning to Your Brand Values

Values are vital, but sometimes they may feel meaningless. That’s okay. For some brands, a group of words isn’t the answer. You may need to pivot your thinking a bit. Like so many things, one size does not fit all. Or, some branding tactics don’t fit all. Instead of leaning on values to guide your brand or rebrand, it may be time to redefine them in a way that resonates. We recommend moving to Core Mindsets.

What are Core Mindsets?
Core Mindsets are values actualized. It’s looking at what’s important to you and bringing more depth to it. So instead of telling people you value “Integrity,” show them you do. Find a phrase that fits the meaning behind the value.

For example, let’s break down Integrity. Let’s say you’re an eco-friendly startup that is formulating your new brand. You value integrity. But why?

Find the Why Behind Your Values

The “why” behind your values is what formulates your Core Mindset. When you dig up the why, you make people care.

You chose “Integrity” because it captures something important to you.

“The quality of being honest and having strong moral principles; moral uprightness.”

There’s a lot of great meaning we can draw from this description from Oxford Languages. It’s about being honest, strong morals, and staying true to your principles. So instead of leaning on a single word to mean all this to your brand and business, let’s play.

Let’s start with an alternative to Integrity and keep building.

Follow your morals>

Stand up for what you believe in>

Always be honest>


Honest. Always.
You may need to write down dozens upon dozens of terms and phrases until you reach the right one. We love this mental mind play and can take this off your already very busy plate.

The power of Core Mindsets mirrors the power of great marketing and communication. It conveys an important message in an original way. It speaks to people. Instead of using language that many minds will graze over, it invites them to think: “I’ve never heard that put that way. How does that connect with me?”

People crave new. Give them something that sparks their awareness and earns their attention. When they ponder the meaning of your Core Mindsets, the branding tool is already doing its job. It’s giving your brand’s value context in a real way.

Struggling with Words?
We’re here to help. Our job is to take complex concepts and simplify them. That is the beauty of well-done branding. It takes everything stirring around in your stakeholders’ heads and finds where they intersect. These connection points come together in one brand document. This contains the soul of your brand, your purpose. It’s what you look to when combatting complex questions and future directions. It inspires branding design. It is the home for the foundation of your business and organization.

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