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Fairview Range

Delivering a healthy dose of local pride in a new campaign.

In 2020, we introduced the successful We’re Here campaign. Going into 2021, we needed to extend and evolve this messaging. This time around, we had two objectives. We had to remind the Iron Range that the healthcare system was here for the community, no matter what. Secondly, we wanted to highlight pride in the region Fairview serves.

Embracing the local pride piece, we reached out to other local places where people flock. We filmed at visually stunning locations such as the new Redhead Mountain Bike Park and Owl Forest Farm. Not only did it provide a perfect mirror for showing the great local spots in the area, but it also expanded our audience reach as both locations were active on social media and happy to share everything we shot.

We built out the campaign with this footage and photos. From traditional TV that played during the Olympics to Facebook ads that targeted the region, we reached our audience in a myriad of ways.

fairview range were here 2021 mountain bike outdoor
fairview range were here 2021 print mountain bike
fairview range were here 2021 outdoor board
fairview range were here print
fairview range were here 2021 banner ad


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