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St. Louis County, MN

COVID Ref vaccines

As the COVID-19 vaccines became available, St. Louis County needed help spreading the word and convincing more people to get it. They wanted to somehow use local professional athletes to spread the word but also bring back the popular COVID Ref. How could they combine them without turning it into Frankenstein? How do you get a bunch of athletes from across the country all in one place?

Our minds went to work.

The perfect answer? Athletes vs. COVID. In this evolution of the COVID Ref campaign, our main protagonist now hosts a monthly video meeting with local athletes on how to combat the pandemic. In one meeting, he asks the group who has been vaccinated. One by one, all the athletes, including Olympians like Kara Goucher, Chris Plys, and John Shuster all raise their hands. It’s a feel-good take on an important topic.

To address our problem with our athletes living near and far, we recorded Zoom calls with each person. Then we edited this footage together to create a video that felt like a real call amongst the COVID Ref and the athletes. This allowed us to create a safe shooting environment and fit more people into it.

Along with the main video, we also created longer ones featuring each athlete individually. This allowed them the space to go into detail about why they got vaccinated and why they recommended it to others.

39,066 ThruPlays (watching the majority of the spot)
14,292 Reach (people reached)
84,010 Impressions
402 Clicks through to for further info

82,794 Impressions
365 clicks through to
CTR .38%

On top of these results, the client loved it and so did the athletes who participated. Vaccination numbers continue to rise.


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