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Aluminum Cabinet Co.

Putting a local cabinet maker on the national map

Kelly O’toole saw the potential in his company, Aluminum Cabinet Co. Like the name implies, his team of fabricators build cabinets out of aluminum.  Not just any aluminum. This is marine-grade 5052 aluminum, the toughest stuff you can get. Making these not just any cabinets. Custom built for everything from garages to emergency vehicles to racing trailers, these cabinets are built to outlive you. Orders were already steady but O’Toole knew with proper branding and marketing, ACC could cement its name nationally. 

So he turned to us. We pulled up our sleeves and got after it.

Brand Identity and Logo

First, we started with the logo. Aluminum Cabinet isn’t showy. 

It needed a strong mark that leapt out at you – without being flashy. 

Our designer came up with just the thing. 

Mirroring the actual unique locking mechanism invented by ACC but also encasing the A and C in the name, the new logo gets better the longer you look. 

The color palette came from the actual cabinet color offerings and their pride in being Made in the USA. 

Not only does the logo live up to the exceptional product, it elevates each cabinet that goes out the door. Local name today. Household name tomorrow.

Video and Photography

Video is essential in modern marketing. We partnered with Danger Bird Productions and spent the day shooting at the ACC shop. 


From the building process to powder coating to assembly, we captured everything that goes into making every ACC cabinet tough. 


We also sat down with Kelly O’Toole. He told us the story of ACC and what sets it apart. 


After some editing, we had 3 videos that captured the essentials – and the essence of the Aluminum Cabinet brand. 

  • Brand Story
  • Products & Features 
  • Garage & Van Work

While we documented the shop, we also captured high-end photographs to help with storytelling. These lifted the product and gave them an edge on the market.


Almost all of ACC’s customers find them online. This meant the website needed to be search friendly and customer friendly. 

We built them a site that felt as tough as the product itself. Each page put the cabinets front and center. 

Our team made sure each page followed the Google criteria for searchability and every photo and video were tagged properly. 

Several products come with downloadable planning pages. Within the first month, these were downloaded almost 30 times. 


It’s early yet, but O’Tooles wise decision to invest in marketing is already paying off. 

His company and social media pages show up first on Google Search results and that should only improve as we add blogs, amp up social media content, and gather reviews.


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