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Blacklist Brewing Co. Can Design

Beer can label design? Puck yeah!

Every year, Blacklist Brewing in Duluth, MN creates a specialty brew supporting 218 Hockey. Each year, the beer style is unique, as is the can design. It needs to portray both the brewery but also honor the hockey organization. To hit the mark, they asked us to help name and design that beer. 

All we could say was, “Puck yeah!”


Half of our office is hockey experts, and the other half is not so much. So some of us studied hockey lingo, and others hunkered down with hockey highlights. From hair to hosers, the inspiration was boundless. The winner? Bar Down Pale Ale. The ultimate way to score a goal, bar down was the perfect metaphor for this new brew. Pure awesomeness.


Next came the can design. Don’t look at our designer’s files because there may be 100 different renditions on one page. Turn that. Kern this. After a few different directions, we landed on a simple yet strong design. It perfectly meshed the 218 Hockey and Blacklist branding. All in all, the exterior of the can looked as good as the interior tasted.


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