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AlphaMark Website & App

Sales Software Packaging. Ala Carte.

AlphaMark, a promotional product marketing company based out of Duluth, MN 
needed a better way to manage and organize their interaction with clients.
They ordered a new website and app from us.

Custom Software Design

AlphaMark was growing quickly, but its primary ways of connecting to customers weren’t cutting it. They were stuck with traditional methods of communication, manually sending design mockups to users by email and getting on the phone whenever an update needed to be made. This made the process time-intensive for their team and less than pleasant for their clients. They realized they needed a new way to do their business—a one-stop shop for everything sales.  

They needed a custom software package built just for them. 

We started building.

Our Process

We helped design and develop a new suite. It takes the parts of their business process that were being conducted over the phone or email and brings them into one fully featured software package. Here, the AlphaMark team and their customers can interact and collaborate visually and effectively. 

The development team at Creative Arcade created the software utilizing proven and popular technologies like React on the front end of the site and Laravel to build out the software’s back end. This meant that our team could develop every piece of the software from the ground up to AlphaMark’s specific needs and business concerns.

The Final Product

This final product is built to serve. It allows users to chat in real time and provides a structured way to revise and finalize products through a product configurator. AlphaMark can now help customers refine their brand identity by compiling image assets, colors, and fonts into one central location. The program has a built-in checkout and payment system that keeps track of spending and other business statistics. On top of all this, it even maps the company’s clients on a plot of the country to help them visualize their growth.

All in all, the software is a selling powerhouse.


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