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Grandmas Marathon

A Website Built for the Long Run.

Grandma’s Marathon hosts a myriad of races every year. It needed a website that kept up. 

Keeping a Website Up to Speed

Running a marathon is no easy feat. Neither was building a new website for Grandma’s Marathon. This organization not only hosts a full and half marathon along the shores of Lake Superior, but they also put on several other fun runs in Duluth, Minnesota, each year. Depending on the month or season, the website needs to cater to a different audience and a different event. Our new site for Grandma’s Marathon made this as easy as tying up your running shoes.

Geared to Go
The new website allows for ample customization by anyone on the team. We added select plugins that manage what navigation appears depending on the time of the year and the device. This even extends to the mobile menu. During the big marathon weekend, the mobile experience can be 100% marathon weekend-focused. Then, it can simply be flipped back when needed.

More than the Marathon
The new site needed to handle thousands of visitors for Grandma’s Marathon and the Garry Bjorklund Half Marathon. It also needed to house vital information for a slew of other races throughout the year. The new site enabled staff to update content and put different races center stage at different times of the year. 

Grandma’s works closely with the Young Athletes Foundation. Therefore, the new site needed to host this foundation but also keep it separate. We used a subdomain to separate the YAF information from the main site at We also used the multi-site functionality on our premium hosting to allow content management for both sides of the websites in one place.

Uncluttered Sponsors 
Grandma’s Marathon wants to ensure its sponsors get the accolades they deserve. Therefore, we built a smaller sponsorship wall that showcases a different set of sponsors with every refresh. This allows more visibility for every sponsor instead of getting lost in a sea of logos. 

A Winning Website
We might be a little biased, but Grandma’s Marathon may just be the best marathon website in the entire world. If not, it’s the best version this legendary brand has had so far. Our development team built it for the long run, and we’re excited to see it improve the overall Grandma’s experience


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