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Fairview Range

Showcasing the faces of Fairview Range and their commitment to making their community a better place.

Building upon the success of previous years Why I’m Here campaign, we’ve continued to amplify their message with even more compelling employee stories and unique activities throughout 2023 and 2024.


Fairview Range has exceptional employees who continually demonstrate their commitment to both their community and each other. Their selfless actions and unwavering dedication exemplify what it means to be truly present for their patients and colleagues. So, how do we show that passion? We surveyed the employees of Fairview Range, and the results were incredible. So many of the employees had unique stories and hobbies. We used the employees’ stories and hobbies to portray the most important part of what makes Fairview Range what it is: the people. Join us in celebrating their remarkable contributions.

Unique Perspectives

The employees of Fairview Range not only contribute unique skills and services to their work, but those talents carry over into their personal lives. This is what makes the employees who they are, and it is reflected in the culture at Fairview Range, from family traditions of working at Fairview Range to harvesting honey on a bee farm. Their employees bring a lot to the table.

TV and Social

We surveyed employees, diving into why they chose to work at Fairview Range. Then, we followed them to where their passions continued outside of work. For one nurse, it was collecting honey on her bee farm, and for one doctor, it was biking with her young family. Lastly, we featured two nurses who are also sisters who followed in their mom’s footsteps in working at Fairview Range, now continuing that family tradition by making homemade lefse in their family cabin every year. 

The resulting footage turned into TV commercials and digital ads. Each video felt warm and helped people get to know staff members better. We placed the videos across Facebook and YouTube.

Outdoor, Print, and Radio

The campaign footage became the radio audio and soundbites decorated billboards and print ads. All the pieces cohesively worked together to share Fairview Range’s message #We’reHere.

"Lefse" Radio Spot by by Fairview Range
  • "Lefse" Radio Spot
"Bee" Radio Spot by by Fairview Range
  • "Bee" Radio Spot


The campaign was a smashing success. The YouTube and Facebook videos garnered millions of views organically and paid. Many people shared and commented on them, all with positive sentiments. We found that people were excited to engage with the campaign because they personally knew the folks in it.


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