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Grand Itasca Clinic and Hospital

Building Stronger Community Connections

In response to the evolving needs of its growing Northern Minnesota community, Grand Itasca aimed to deepen its ties with residents while highlighting the dedicated employees who provide care daily. They reached out to us to enhance their brand visibility, uplift employee morale, and reinforce the hospital’s commitment to quality care.

Rooted in Community

The Peratalo family was the perfect example of the community-centric ethos Grand Itasca aimed to showcase. We sat down with Lindsey Peratalo, a psychiatric nurse practitioner at Grand Itasca. She shared her vast experience working at the hospital and how she made a career shift after the pandemic to focus on providing holistic mental health services to her patients. Lindsey’s story symbolized the dedication and compassion prevalent among Grand Itasca’s staff. But it doesn’t end there; Lindsey’s husband and brother-in-law also work for Grand Itasca as physical therapists, underscoring the interconnectedness within the Grand Itasca family.

Family Game Night

The campaign focused on Grand Itasca being more than just healthcare but also a family. After showcasing what the Peratalo family does to give back to their community at work, we followed them home to their weekly family game night – a tradition that keeps them connected, just like the care they provide.


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