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St. Louis County Medical Assistance Renewal Campaign

Your Future Self Can’t Warn You. We Can.

If you could go back in time and warn yourself about something, what would you say?

Medical Renewal

Typically, anyone receiving Medical Assistance needs to renew their coverage annually. This rule was waived during the pandemic, and renewals returned in 2023. Unfortunately, fewer than 50% of households failed to complete their Medical Assistance renewals in St. Louis County. Recognizing this alarming trend, St. Louis County reached out to us to enhance its messaging to boost medical assistance renewals for those in need.

Renew It or Lose It

The goal was to raise awareness that people on medical assistance need to renew their coverage on time or face losing it altogether. But how do we make our messaging stand out and captivate our audience’s attention? We knew we had to step outside of the box for this campaign.  

Imagine meeting your future self and receiving a crucial reminder. That’s the inspiration behind this concept. We produced 4 videos to capture the various calls to action the community needed to hear. We envision “Average Jill” encountering her 2024 self, urging her to renew her medical assistance. It’s informative yet delivered in a fun and engaging manner. Instead of being boring and informative, it was attention-grabbing and entertaining.

What We’re Up Against

We needed to reach a large audience while addressing the following challenges: 

  • Changed addresses
  • No knowledge of the topic
  • People don’t know they’re on medical assistance
  • Confusion on process 
  • All other healthcare clutter 
  • Procrastination

And in our humble opinion, we nailed it! But don’t just take our word for it.


We had fantastic engagement with social media, TV, and radio. More numbers and info regarding industry awards coming soon.


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