St. Louis County, Minnesota

Changing People’s Tune about Vaccinations 

St. Louis County needed to improve immunization numbers. We belted out their message. 

No More Vaccination Procrastination 

During the pandemic, fewer families came in for check-ups. This has led to a decrease in vaccinations across St. Louis County in Minnesota. The County’s Health and Human Services department wanted to turn these numbers around. So they recruited us. We were instructed to come up with a message that would gently remind people that getting kids immunized is important and shouldn’t be postponed. 

Sing a Different Tune

When it came to concepting solutions, we knew people were sick of hearing about vaccines and sterile messages from hospitals. So we sang a different tune. Literally. We turned our message into a catchy song. It reminded people of all the potential diseases out there and the importance of vaccines. Instead of being boring and bossy, it was bright and memorable. 

We worked with Duluth singer Breanne Tepler to make the song come to life. Once that was written and recorded, we headed to the Duluth Children’s Museum to film. The final cut gave the world a catchy and colorful song that makes our children and community healthier one note at a time. 


To date there have been 59,000 views on YouTube. We have more data coming in and will update its effectiveness as we learn more.