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Duluth Superior Area Community Foundation

Improving a Website to Improve the Community

The Duluth Superior Area Community Foundation (DSACF) is a rock for the regions surrounding Duluth, Minnesota and Superior, Wisconsin. So when they needed a website update and an interactive annual report, we immediately said yes. The project turned into a great learning experience – and the perfect way to help this community facet.

Granting Website Wishes

DSACF wanted to eliminate any barriers to its grants and scholarships. Its updated site needed to make finding them more accessible. We built out a search database that simplified the process. For scholarships, users could use a search bar or pick their exact high school to find offerings. The grants page gave visitors a handy calendar to see application deadlines. The final product was a site that served the community in the most efficient way.

Interactive Annual Report 

In 2022, WDIO captured the DSACF Touchstone Award winners’ stories through video. There was just no way to share them well through a printed annual report. We directed them toward creating an interactive site. Yes, the design costs would be higher, but the printing costs would be eliminated, saving them money overall. They jumped on board. 

So we jumped on design and development. 

The new interactive annual report is fresh, informative, and easy to use. Instead of just scrolling down, a horizontal slider allows users to scroll side to side. This unveils stories and videos from Ely to the Apostle Islands. There are navigation directions throughout so any user can follow. The results are an annual report that reflects the upward trajectory of the region DSACF serves.


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