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Twin Ports Timber Company

Creating a User Experience
That’s a Walk in the (Ball)Park.

The goal of every website is to deliver a great user experience. You want your customer to find what they need and make a purchase. Twin Ports Timber, a custom bat company, needed a website that did just that. A place customers could make a bat exactly to their liking without breaking a sweat. They called us up and we hit it out of the park.

A Custom Website for a Custom Company

What sets Twin Ports Timber apart is its customization capabilities. A customer can choose the color of the barrel, handle, and separator. Different sections of the bat can be glossy or matte. They can even choose between three types of wood and add unique text. Twin Ports Timber needed a complex website to make this much customization possible.

Our web team worked tirelessly to get every detail right. We built the site in WordPress to allow them to manage and edit content as needed. We incorporated a WP Configurator. This gave the programmers and the owners control over customization, ensuring the site has a long shelf life. The result was a website that felt seamless – and fun – to use.

Don’t believe us? Go design your own bat.

Do believe us? Still go design one!


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