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Week x Week: Reels, TikTok & Triller

What in the world is happening with TikTok? What is this Reels thing I keep hearing about? Already, India has banned TikTok and other countries like South Korea, Japan, and the U.S. may follow suit. If you’ve grown a large crowd already on this platform, this can feel like a kick to the gut. While we don’t see the app really going anywhere, anything could happen, so it’s best to know your options and how to prepare for no more TikTok. Here are a few ways to ride out the potential demise of Gen Z’s favorite app.

Update Your TikTok CTA
Just to be prepped, change your TikTok CTA to another social channel. While usually having your website as the CTA is a great idea, you want to move your followers from one platform to another right now. People aren’t sure what’s happening so knowing they can follow you on another channel is a great way to keep around a new set of fans. We suggest Instagram. It’s the most video friendly and they just introduced Reels. (Aka, basically TikToks.)

Reel It In
What are Reels? They’re 15-second videos that you can create using different clips, music, and effects. It’s a very similar format to TikTok, but the creation process is a bit different (and little more messy, in my opinion.) While we still fully support keeping up with TikTok, it doesn’t hurt to get cozy with Reels. It’ll give your Instagram page new life and a new creative way to approach telling your story.

For a full breakdown, check out How to Make an Instagram Reel.

Try Out Triller
Here’s another TikTok alternative that’s risen to the surface: Triller. Like TikTok, it’s a music-driven video app. Already its users have blown up due to the ongoing TikTok talks, according to USA Today.

“News of the switch and increasing calls to ban TikTok sent Triller downloads soaring. Overnight, it became the most downloaded app across multiple countries.”

While it’s still too soon to know if this app is the next TikTok, it’s got the potential. We suggest playing around with it. Also, since it’s so new, you have the potential of being ahead of your competitors for a new audience. If you’re interested in learning more, we created How to Make a Triller Video.

Don’t Forget About YouTube
Another great and well-established visual storytelling platform is YouTube. Many TikTok influencers are moving to this platform as a backup. Another bonus is the audience here has a more expansive age range than TikTok.

Thanks for reading everyone! If you’ve any further questions, feel free to reach out. Interested in more Week x Week tips and tidbits? Check out these articles.