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This National Park Week, Let’s Celebrate Their Copywriter

It’s national parks week! Might seem like an odd choice for an ad agency to celebrate – but stick with us here. The National Park Service (NPS) is a prime example of effective government copywriting. Plus, who doesn’t like supporting the outdoors? We wouldn’t have headquartered our marketing agency in Duluth, Minnesota if we didn’t like spending time in nature (and all its mood swings). 

But back to the point. 

The National Park Service uses words in the best way. You may not realize it but copywriting plays a big role in your daily life. Every day, you’ll stroll, scroll, and roll past marketing messaging. Each one is fighting to get your attention. Some work better than others. 

How do you write something that makes an impact? 

It comes down to groundwork. 

Do you…

Know the audience you’re trying to reach? 

Know the one message you want them to understand?

Know the personality of your brand? 

If you can answer all of these, you’re starting off a strong foot. Then you can take this formula and take it to different platforms your audience frequents. 

Whoever is writing for the National Park Service social account gets it. They manage to be professional, informative, and snicker-worthy. 





National Park ServiceNational Park Service

National Park Service

We’ve taken this approach with our own government work for St. Louis County, Minnesota. Our award-winning COVID Ref and All It Takes Is Immunization campaigns inform and entertain. It’s a tightrope at times but when done correctly, the right words keep people safe and motivates others to magnify your message. 

Thanks for keeping us entertained and away from salmon-scented body wash, National Park’s Twitter. This National Park Week, we’re saluting you. Keep it up! 

What’s your favorite NPS moment? 

P.S. Don’t forget to give some love to our nearby neighbor, Voyageurs National Park. Known for its abundance of not people, we’d highly recommend it.