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WxW: COVID and Creativity

As we move forward into the great unknown that is 2020, we harness our greatest asset: our creativity. There isn’t always an easy fix — but that doesn’t mean there isn’t a workaround. In this edition of Week x Week, we examine how daily life has changed and how your brand can react.

Connect at Home
According to Pew Research, 22% of U.S. adults moved during the pandemic. Sixty-one percent of this population began living with a family member. This lifestyle shift could be an opportunity for your brand. How can you help family members stay connected and build positive memories during this time? How can you make staying home a better experience?

If you’re a restaurant, you could create a list of great picnic spots in your area. If people order more than $50, send them home with a free bottle of wine or a tub of cookie dough.

Or, if you’re a university who wants to help students get the college experience, even if they’re at home, you could do a number of things. Maybe send them a college kit with wall art and mugs. You could create an online portal for peers, especially freshmen, to connect online. On social media, you could host a #homecampuschallenge and have people post their home version of certain buildings or mall areas.

Lean on Virtual Tours
Speaking of universities, you can give your students a place to virtually connect and still feel like they’re on campus. How? Using the power of virtual spaces. For example, a school built a Minecraft version of its building that allowed students to tour and explore. Now kids and parents can get familiar with the school from the comfort of their home.

Highlight Your Email Marketing & Social Platforms
Your website is a great place to direct people, but during the time of COVID, people are thirsting for updates. Direct people to your social platforms or to sign up for email updates. They’ll only be a click away from your site and stay informed.

Be a Resource for the Unemployed
We’re dealing with a staggering amount of unemployment these days. How can you be a force for good to those out of work? You could have one of your employees create educational content for your YouTube or social media channels. This will further your SEO and brand presence, but also cement yourself as an expert in your industry.

If you’re teaching more specific, higher-cost learning, you could try out a trade deal. Instead of paying money, have people pay through service hours, posting about your brand on social media, or a 6-month free trial.

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