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St. Louis County, MN

Helping St. Louis County Find Foster Parents

Over 500 kids need overnight housing in St. Louis County. 

We spread the word.

Finding the Next Generation of Foster Parents

With many foster families retiring from the program and more kids needing foster services, St. Louis County needed to recruit new parents. They turned to us for assistance. We dove into the research and combed through foster parent interviews. One theme emerged – many people want to foster but don’t feel like they are enough. We took this insight and got to work.

You’re Enough

We had a big challenge in recruiting foster parents. There are so many misconceptions around what a foster parent should look and act like. We wanted to show St. Louis County residents you didn’t have to fit into a certain box. You could be single. You could rent. You could be in your 20s or in your 60s. If you were a stable adult with a loving heart, you were probably enough to foster. The “You’re Enough” campaign pinpointed the stigmas stopping potential parents and broke down mental barriers.


The largest aspect of this campaign were the videos. Our team met with half a dozen foster parents and social workers for a day and taped interviews. During this time, we covered everything from the benefits of fostering kids to things about fostering that surprised them. Each interview concluded with the parent or parents talking about how prospective foster parents were enough. The resulting videos were informative and emotional.

Landing Page

To track the success of our marketing touchpoints and give interested parties a place to find more information, we created This mini website featured all the videos, fostering FAQs, and connected visitors with a place to apply to be a foster parent.

Marketing Materials

Along with the videos, we created radio ads out of the interviews. These pulled the best quotes and promoted visiting, the campaign landing page. We also created print ads, social media ads, and billboards to get our message out to as many people across the county.


Over 8 weeks, our campaign made quite an impression.

Pre-roll YouTube
90.6K impressions
6.6K video views

Facebook Ads
1.2 million impressions
2,600 clicks to landing page

Audio Streaming Ads
108K impressions
40K reach
100 clicks to the landing page

With almost 3,000 visits to the foster care landing page and recent new inquiry mentioning “advertising” as the reason they’re signing up to become a foster parent, we deem this project a success.


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