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What’s Your Power of Play? Our Team Shares Their Answers

At Creative Arcade, all our work is powered by play. This is the driving force behind our creativity. It’s what makes us ask questions, toy with ideas, research new trends, and test out new things like AR, TikTok, and podcasting. Every month we dedicate time to playing around. Last month it was learning about the future of streaming and marketing. Before that, it was studying data sets on people’s favorite candy. We make it fun, but we also pick up skills from it. Skills that we can bring to our work. And yours.

So what is our personal power of play?
What inspires us every day?

Phil Davidson

What’s your Power of Play?
It’s hard to pinpoint exactly what my Power of Play is, because I’m interested in so many different things. But I also think that’s what Power of Play is—having the opportunity to bring our team’s different passions, hobbies, and ideas into our work and coming up with ways to pursue projects that align with those interests. Outside of work, I love spending quality time with my wife and kids, coaching baseball, and weekends at the cabin.

Jeff Ruprecht

What’s your Power of Play?
If I have an idea, I check it out. It’s that drive to create something from nothing—starting with an idea and working to make it grow into something that will impact people. Outside of work, I enjoy spending time with my wife and kids, fishing, catching a game, and scratching that creative “itch” by making some pretty cool stuff.

Jan Christenson

What’s your Power of Play?
I love taking the things I’m passionate about and applying them to the work I do every day. At work, I get to play around with cool gadgets, like our drones for the video work we provide. Outside of work, I have way too many hobbies. I love spending time with my wife and daughter, being involved in my church, woodworking, and martial arts.

Talyn Riedesel

What’s your Power of Play?
I love traveling. So much so that I saved every penny I could for five years and then spent a year solo backpacking. It was ridiculously incredible. I harvested olives in Italy, hiked volcanoes in New Zealand, and met spiders as big as my hand in Thailand. Traveling yanks open your perspective — and forces you outside your comfort zone. I find it essential to my creativity and hope to keep it up throughout my life. I could do with less spiders, though.

Now, the biggest question is: What is your Power of Play? We’d love to hear it.