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What Are the Types of Marketing? 7 Styles of Marketing You Should Be Using To Reach Your Customers

You’ve done it! A eureka idea that’s sure to put your brand on the map. Now the question is…where the heck on the marketing map do you want to put it? When it comes to taking an idea from discussion to execution, you have a lot of options. Here are 7 types of marketing you can use to engage your audience in today’s modern market. Many of them overlap and interweave but they all bring a unique component to your media plan. 

What Is Digital Marketing?
This form of marketing refers to any communication efforts that involve the internet or electronic devices. Basically, anything on a screen. This usually includes search engine optimization (SEO), email marketing, online advertising, and social media marketing. 

What Is Content Marketing?
Content marketing is any written, video, or audio communications you create for your audience. This can look like a blog post that is clean and easy to read. A video that is entertaining and informative. A downloadable pdf with nuggets of advice. Content can also take the forms of books, podcasts, infographics, and more. As long as it adds value to the targeted audience’s lives, it’s content marketing. This type of marketing is super powerful if done well. 

What Is Influencer Marketing?
In this day and age, many individuals build a personal brand around a niche topic and become very influential. Partnering with them to market your service or business is influencer marketing. The goal is to build trust and visibility by promoting yourself through someone your target audience already admires and follows. 

What Is Social Media Marketing?
Everyone is on social media these days. Social media marketing is simply having a presence on the social platforms where your audience frequents. Whether it’s organically posting or promoted posting, social media is a winning type of marketing because it’s so easy to connect with your exact market. 

What Is Email Marketing?
Social media marketing is great but you don’t own the space so it can be volatile. Take Twitter for example. With email marketing, your fans can connect with you in a way you control. Using other tactics on this page, you gather emails and send out relevant email newsletters. This gives you a great way to keep the conversation going and remind customers of sales, upcoming events, and news. 

What Is Traditional Marketing?
Before the internet, the marketing world looked a lot different – and simpler. There were only a few ways to reach people: TV, radio, billboard, direct mail, and print. These practices are still relevant in today’s marketing world but are very dependent on the audience you’re trying to reach. 

What Is Experiential Marketing?
Sometimes your big idea needs to be experienced to really hit the mark. Creating advertising that people can interact with in unexpected places leaves an impact. This can look like a live YouTube video or turning a crosswalk into a billboard. It’s all about showing off your brand in a clever and memorable way. Here are some great examples of experiential marketing

Get Out and Market!
There’s a lot of ways to market these days. Which is great news for you. It means you can get your message out to more people in more relevant places. If you’re curious about learning more about any of these topics or setting up a media plan that will bring in customers, check us out.