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Marketing Tips for Gen Z in 2022

Move over Millennials, there’s a new generation in town: Gen-Z. They were born between 1995 and 2010 and are making their mark on culture. They’ve known screens their whole lives and expect businesses to keep up. Their world is no longer on Facebook and Instagram, it’s thriving on TikTok, Triller, and Twitch. To talk to them, you need to understand them. Here are a few takeaways about Gen Z.

Type Their Language
Every generation has its own lingo and communication style. Memes and quick videos are a good way to convey information to Gen Z. They use their keyboards creatively. How? Instead of just typing an answer, they’ll use symbols to make artful messages. Looking for a good example of this? Check out New Jersey’s Twitter. 

Our best suggestion for being up to date with the latest lingo? Roam through comments on TikTok and Twitter. The more you see it, the more you’ll be comfortable using it. You can also hire a writer who is fully immersed in this writing style.

Make It Meme Worthy
How can your communications live beyond your paid media and social posting? Make it memorable and visual. Is your message quick enough to turn into a gif without losing its meaning? If someone saw one frame from your video would they understand the context? Plan around these sharable moments and build them into your strategy. This will further the effectiveness of your work. does a great job of this with their Captain Obvious character. Even if you don’t have any context, you know what he stands for and your mind picks that up.

Captain Obvious:


Make Some Noise
Just like your visuals, think long and hard about your audio. How can you utilize it beyond radio? Create a unique brand sound or message and make it available on different platforms. Elf Cosmetics made a specific one for TikTok and it generated 2+ million videos. That’s a huge reach for one little soundbite. How can your brand use audio to its advantage?

Be Valuable
More than any generation before them, Gen Z needs the products they support to stand for them. According to a 2020 report from Zebra Q, their top values are:

  • Human rights
  • Environmental protection
  • Political reform
  • Education for all

While we’re all feeling isolated from friends right now, this generation is doing it during the time in your life when friends are the biggest part. Look at your brand, its purpose, and how it can connect people right now. With 35% of this generation feeling like their mental health has taken a hit, how can you put a smile on someone’s face? Look at the gifting value of your product or service as the holidays approach.

Don’t BS

Gen Z can sniff out BS from miles away. So don’t oversell or push. State the benefits in a relevant, interesting way and give them ways to connect with the product or brand on their favorite platforms. They are leery of marketers. Don’t pry.

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Although this doesn’t cover everything Gen Z, it does help you scratch the surface. If you want to learn more about a few places this generation hangs out, check out this article.