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Week x Week: Storytelling, Timing & Conversations

Hello again! Inside this edition of Week x Week, we’re tackling storytelling, timing, and the power of conversation. Keep an eye out for fishermen, businessmen, and best of all, lots of acumen. Let’s dive in and get the conversations flowing.

Make the Story Your Own
By now, you’re probably used to seeing messages to wear a mask. The question is, when everyone is saying the same thing, how do you say it differently? Change the story. The state of Montana is a great example. Instead of a medical doctor, they showed everyday Montanans using masks doing things they know and love. Not medical masks, but face coverings that were already a part of everyday life. It’s an eye-catching ad that makes wearing a mask less daunting and unfamiliar.

Time’s On Your Side
Thankfully, the days of having to tell your brand story in 30 seconds are long gone. Yes, you should be aware of certain time frames. Just because you have 60 seconds on TikTok and Instagram, doesn’t mean you have to use them all. Tell the story you need to tell. If you’re telling a worthy story, time doesn’t matter. Just look at the latest Apple ad.

This is also a perfect example of show don’t tell. You’re cheering on the characters and relating to them — all while seeing how Apple makes their lives easier in a work-from-home world.

Questions To Ask

  1. How does your product or service fit into our new landscape?
  2. How can you tell that new story — in 6 seconds or in 6 minutes?

Look for the Conversations
Despite the circumstances, we’re lucky to have the technology to connect and engage. Thought leaders are already utilizing this to host meaningful discussions about topics from the pandemic to policy. If you’re a business owner or marketing manager, we highly suggest tuning into Gary Vee’s Marketing for the Now. Every week, leaders from around the world discuss how they’re adjusting to 2020 and moving forward.

Start the Conversation
Not finding the discussion you need? Create it. Find a few people who are interested in talking about a certain topic and record your Zoom chatter. It doesn’t have to be perfect. You can go back and edit it into something content worthy after. Or, even if it doesn’t have a flow, it can help you figure out how to lead the discussion better next time.

Thanks to everyone who has left their stories and thoughts on last week’s WxW! We love hearing them. To get Week x Week straight to your inbox, subscribe in the upper right corner. If you want to keep reading, check out these other articles.