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Week x Week: Fear, Fans & Flexibility

How are you all doing? It’s time to take a break from scrolling Facebook and Twitter and consume some productive, positive content. In this Week x Week, we’re diving into fear, fans, and flexibility. Enjoy!

Don’t Fear Mistakes
Marketing can feel like a minefield right now. It’s okay to not know the perfect answer. This is a time of growth and with it comes missteps and redos and cancel culture. While that sounds scary and anxiety inducing, with the right mindset, it doesn’t have to be. You can make great marketing. Don’t let fear slow you down.

Harvard recently published an article about how to overcome this fear and it’s worth a read.

Here’s one of our favorite quotes:

“You may have the urge to constantly look at what everyone else is doing, to always be on social media, or check data too frequently. This can result in information overload. Your mind can become so overwhelmed that you start to feel cloudy or shut down. Recognize if you’re doing this and limit over-monitoring or overchecking. Avoid panicked, frenzied behavior.”

Keep the Focus on your Fans
Get creative with fan involvement. A German soccer team invited fans to send photos of themselves. Then the team created cardboard cutouts of each person and filled their stadium. It was the perfect way to keep their fans involved, make an empty stadium feel full, and get some positive PR going.

How can you take this thinking and apply it to your business?

Flexibility Is Your Friend
We’re all for a detailed creative approach, but in the days of COVID we recommend thinking more broad. You can still be creative and stand out — and  have a concept that can cover several different things.

Maybe there’s a surge and you have to switch some of your message. How easy is that to do? Do you have enough video to create a whole new story?

That doesn’t mean your footage should be meaningless, corporate dribble, but it should be able to convey more than one message with a little massaging. Keep that in mind, and your next campaign iteration will promote your brand but be able to pivot when the tide turns.