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Week x Week 3: Drones, Signage & TikTok

We’re so happy you’re finding Week x Week useful! As we continue to learn, we’ll keep pumping these out. While this is definitely a challenging time, it’s also a catalyst for great creativity. From TikTok to drones, this week we’re exploring new ways to share your story and your brand. Let’s go!

Repurpose Old Content
It’s hard to shoot elaborate footage right now. Not impossible, but it’s just going to take a little more planning and precautions. This is a perfect time to pour over the content you already have. You’ve invested money in on-brand photos and video. Why not tell a new story with it?

A great creative and editing team can help you build an impactful campaign out of existing footage. Here’s a great example of using past footage to tell a relevant story.

Embrace Drone Footage
Your old footage not cutting it? You can still capture footage and follow social distancing rules. One way is via drone. Vanity Fair solved this problem by shooting photos and video of actress Catherine O’Hara using a drone. Not only was it an original idea that earned news traction, it allowed the magazine to get creative and continue fulfilling its content needs.

Not just anyone can shoot commercial drone footage. You need the proper licensing and equipment. Luckily, we’ve got both. Here’s some of our favorite footage from a previous campaign.

Safe Doesn’t Have to Mean Boring
A sterile environment doesn’t have to feel sterile. As more places open up, there are ways to make your safety implementations interesting to interact with.

Here are just a few ideas:

  • Does a social distancing spot have to be a circle? Why not make it shaped like a dinosaur or a football. Use your brand and product to inspire the shape.
  • In San Francisco they’ve added social distancing spots in parks. What if they allowed local artists to turn these into conversation pieces or art?
  • Change up your language. If you’re a zoo, instead of saying 6 feet, maybe say panda-length. Since most people are aware of the 6-feet rule this will be a fun point of conversation and teach people something.
  • Have fun with plexiglass. We’re loving how Island Optometry brought safety and fun into their offices.


If You Haven’t, Get on TikTok
According to an Influencer MarketingHub report, Instagram’s engagement numbers dropped by 14% in March. On the flip side, TikTok was downloaded over 115 million times worldwide in March 2020.

We highly recommend checking out TikTok. You may be scared away by the amount of teenagers dancing at first, but as the algorithm starts picking up your preferences you’ll be fed content you enjoy. Plus, it’s a great place to experiment with content and organically grow your brand.

For a good example of what’s possible, check out Minnesota-based Peace Coffee.


What will you do next?
How are you pivoting your marketing these days? We’d love to hear your brand story and if any of our Week x Week tips have helped you. If you’re interested in keeping up with our weekly lessons, subscribe to our email or follow us on social, be it LinkedIn or Instagram.